Who we are

Prime Advisory

Members of Prime Advisory Network, the Global Network for Chartered Accountants and Lawyers.

Our reality

Prime Advisory is an international accountancy, tax and legal consulting firm. Prime Advisory group have professional studios operating in Italy, with offices in Limena (Padua) and Milan, in England, with an office in London and in Albania with an office in Durrës.

We can define the mission of the Studio as follows:

  1. To assist, using the highest professional techniques, those entrepreneurs and companies, who apply for consultancy, ensuring the necessary support for the growth of the relative activities, respecting regulations on a case by case basis, with prevention and risk mitigation measures being the key points;
  2. To spread the “culture of company organisation and planning and control” as factors for development and success;
  3. To assist Clients, in the processes of internationalisation and expansion;
  4. To pursue the “continuous improvement” of the community formed by the collaboration between the Studio and their clients.

Prime Advisory boasts a staff of consultants composed exclusively of professionals with a high academic background, able to guarantee quality consultancy, following a scientific approach. All activities, consultations and services are carried out directly or under the direction of specialised professionals, graduates and lawyers.

Our services are mainly aimed at those companies set up under a corporate form. Assistance is custom made, based on the client’s needs, following the reasoning of adding value, resolving problems concretely and researching total quality. Relations with the Studio are undertaken on the grounds of absolute trust.

Prime Advisory is a member of the Prime Advisory Network, a global network of independent professional studios of an excellent level. Through this Network, they can ensure complete operational capacity for their clients in the main organisations worldwide.

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