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Consultancy for Business Internationalisation

Companies today move in an “open” global market. Not to seize the opportunities offered by internationalisation means cutting yourself off from the main growing markets and missing out on competitive advantages.

Prime Advisory offer their services as a reference point for the governing of the dynamics of company internationalisations. And in particular they can offer qualified partnerships:

  • For the analysis of legislation and the legal economic context of the area intended for starting up a productive or commercial enterprise;
  • For the analysis of economic-financial feasibility and benefit, including tax analysis, of the business initiative by means of the development of business planning and tax planning;
  • For the definition of the legal-formal scheme of presence in the host country, by means of the analysis of the bilateral conventions against dual impositions (choosing between stable organisation, controlled company or representative office);
  • For assistance with international contract formats;
  • For the preparation of systems of inter-group reports;
  • For the study and setting up of management models of the group treasury.
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Corporate Consultancy

Corporate consultancy represents one of the most important areas of work for Prime Advisory. Firstly, the Client’s needs are assessed, so as to be able to construct the offer of our services, whether one-off or continuous, according to its business model, always seeking to improve its performance while maintaining intrinsic characteristics.

All our experience and expertise is put at the Client’s disposal to achieve this.

The professionals at the studio work alongside top management in the assessment and decision process through the drawing up of a business plan with analysis of scenarios and sensitivity, with coherence checks between investment policies, financial needs and cover procedures, with a view to rationalising financial structures and identifying optimum structures. They also carry out assessment of companies who may be linked to specific M&A operations or capital, in the definition of company strategic objectives and the identifying of the necessary extra financial moves to achieve this, in the study of reorganisation of groups of companies with resignations and restructuring, with consultancy in business turnaround operations. 

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Employment consultancy

One of the Studio’s strong points which is worthy of mention is their outsourcing service.

This service, starting with the attendance data provided by the company administrations, ensures the regular carrying out of all administrative obligations concerning personnel management which an employer has to perform (from the processing of pay packets, to the calculation and payment of deductions, to the certification of competencies for employees).

In all main organisations, legislation is very analytical in the management of work relations and personnel offices have delicate duties to carry out concerning staff administration, which, if not respected, can lead to the employing company being heavily sanctioned.

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The Studio has a specialised team of auditors. Auditing is carried out both for fulfilling the obligation of accounts certification, as well as due diligence and voluntary revision, should there be any particular need for this.

Our activity of due diligence is particularly useful, not only in a situation of M&A, but also in all those cases where there is the necessity to control the state of a company’s compliance with legislation, or else when there is the necessity to control the correct working practices of directors.

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Tax Assistance

Assistance in tax matters is one of the core businesses of the Studio, especially in reference to international taxation. In every part of the world, tax laws are in constant evolution and require the support of professionals who are always up-to-date and specialised. For this reason, all of our professionals follow compulsory refresher courses and participate in public consultations concerning the evolution of legislation.

Some professionals at the Studio are members of technical commissions for in-depth analysis on behalf of expert professional orders and/ authors of scientific publications.

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Accounting assistance

For companies of smaller dimensions, the Studio uses the expertise of their highly qualified professionals to ensure accounting is processed according to current accounting principles, as well as the analysis of accounting data compared with several companies, the analysis of index and margins and the preparation of prospective analysis.

The studio boats specialised experience in the praparation of the flow of information and reporting to parent companies in international groups operating in several organisations.