Corporate consultancy represents one of the most important areas of work for Prime Advisory. Firstly, the Client’s needs are assessed, so as to be able to construct the offer of our services, whether one-off or continuous, according to its business model, always seeking to improve its performance while maintaining intrinsic characteristics.

All our experience and expertise is put at the Client’s disposal to achieve this.

The professionals at the studio work alongside top management in the assessment and decision process through the drawing up of a business plan with analysis of scenarios and sensitivity, with coherence checks between investment policies, financial needs and cover procedures, with a view to rationalising financial structures and identifying optimum structures. They also carry out assessment of companies who may be linked to specific M&A operations or capital, in the definition of company strategic objectives and the identifying of the necessary extra financial moves to achieve this, in the study of reorganisation of groups of companies with resignations and restructuring, with consultancy in business turnaround operations.